E-Commerce payment industry regulation

Spectrum Pay in cooperation with leading professionals provides personalised business consulting services with respect to specific rules and provisions provided by international payment systems as well as national authorities. 

All of Spectrum Pay employees have successfully completed special courses rendered by a member company of European Payment Consultancy Association (EPCA) – VediCard Ltd. 

Our specialists and consultants regularly attend international conferences and summits of the e-payments’ industry in order to be aware about all current trends and challenges in the world of e-Commerce. 

We know that internet merchants in vast majority of cases do not have access to comprehensive and reliable advisors in this field. Therefore we organize professional support with respect to issues concerning online payments.

   Web marketing analytics

Web marketing analytics is the practice of measuring and analysing marketing performance of any type. The main result of such analytics is to maximize effectiveness of marketing efforts and optimize return on investment (ROI) of the online business.

Analysis of online marketing performance allows entrepreneurs to be more efficient with their online sales and minimize wasted marketing budgets. 

Spectrum Pay is closely cooperating with experienced specialists in this field. Analysis provided by them does not only save your money for marketing activities.

Most importantly, it helps you earn more by utilizing more efficient and cost-effective marketing tactics for sale of your product or service online.