Trading Company

Natural element for efficient and convenient trading is correct choice of jurisdiction where the trading company is established.

We arrange for our Clients assistance with full range of services on establishing new trading companies or in purchase of existing ones in various jurisdictions, as well as further renewal and maintenance of the corporate instrument chosen. 

There is no one-size-fits-all jurisdiction which would fit all the purposes and needs of any entrepreneur. Knowing that we ensure that Clients are guided through main aspects of choosing country of incorporation and are offered a solution which would be most suitable and efficient in specific business case. Our cooperation Partners will also take care of a routine year-to-year procedure of maintenance of the company with minimum efforts on your part. 

List of jurisdictions available

 Tax-exempt jurisdictions  Other jurisdictions
 Anguilla  Australia (Pty)
 Bahamas  Canada (EPC) *
 Belize *  Canada (L.P.) *
 British Virgin Islands *  Cyprus *
 Costa Rica  Denmark (ApS)
 Dominica *  Denmark (K/S) 
 Gibraltar  Ireland
 Hong Kong *  Malta
 Marshall Islands *  Netherlands (BV) 
 Nevis *  Netherlands (CV)
 Panama SA *  New Zealand (L.P.) 
 Panama SRL  New Zealand (Limited) *
 Panama - PF  Singapore (PTE) *
 Seychelles *  Singapore (LLP) 
 St. Lucia  United Arab Emirates
 St. Vincent and Grenadines *  United Kingdom (England) - LLP *
   United Kingdom (England) - LTD *
   United Kingdom (Scotland) - L.P.*

 In case of most commonly chosen jurisdictions (please see above marked with *) it is possible to freely choose a company for purchase from the list of ready-made companies. This means that particular legal entity with all the documents, including those requested for any banking needs, will be available for you within one business day. 

Our involvement will save your money and time, as well as will ensure that all the corporate documents are in perfect order.