About Us

Spectrum Pay is company based in Riga, Latvia (EU). 

Close and long-term cooperation with region’s most reputable acquirers, technology partners and providers of other e-Commerce related services makes us a One-Stop-Source for smooth and efficient e-Commerce business.

We are passionate about what we do. That is why it is a pleasure to work with e-Merchants from all over the world. Different e-Business industries, different sales volumes - different needs. Either it is a low – risk or a high – risk merchant, our mission is to provide no-risk efficient service for the Client. Each Client and each business is unique. So are our attitude and solutions. 


Through our cooperation Partners’ network we provide full spectrum of professional services to international online merchants, which includes:

  • merchant account opening,
  • current account opening, 
  • payment card products’ issuing, 
  • registration and maintenance of trading companies, 
  • legal and tax consultancy services, 
  • practical advice on e-Commerce payment industry regulation,  
  • web marketing analytics  

Our experienced team speaks your language – an e-Commerce business language:  



We indeed own what we advertise. Be sure to check this already today! 


Andrew Sabluk 

Managing Director